OC Suite manages whole processfor small and big business across the globe.

As the performance is in the focus of modern industry – communities, utilities and factories must develop an infrastructure and strategy in order to successfully address the challenges of continuous improvement. Issues which are preventing improvement in a company can be grouped as lack of information, inadequate response, vague procedures, high level of complexity, inadequate or nonexistent tools, etc.

OC Suite is a comprehensive, intuitive and robust solution which improves Your business in the following areas:

OC Suite is consisted of:

A need for optimal consumption of energy and resources has been emphasized in the past decades. Large consumers, like huge factories, power systems, cities etc., are somewhat adapted to the challenge.

However, small and mid-sized industrial facilities, cities and communities are facing difficulties embracing that new paradigm due to the large scale investment in existing solutions instalment, lack of integrated solutions and a need for an extensive knowledge in implementing of the existing solutions available on the market. In order to overcome that gap ITEN designed OC Suite.

Plan, Track and Work SmarterOperation and Maintenance Management System

Common problem in the industrial facilities is a lack of maintenance procedures and a general unavailability of existing documentation to responsible or involved persons. That results with increased number of faults, process interruptions, longer duration of fault remediation and consequently with higher resource engagement and energy losses.

Plan, Track and Work SmarterD-Board

Optimum level of information at a glance is goal of this module. Need for this is especially present in the industry where well trained and highly skilled SCADA engineers or technicians are rare and expensive to hire.

Plan, Track and Work SmarterOpen SCADA

Collecting the signals from all crucial processes’ values into one place, one control centre, brings a possibility for prompt action and the reduced number of personnel needed to follow the process. Furthermore, adding a possibility of remote issuing a control command (either manually or automatically) from one control centrewill reduce process duration, keeping the number of engaged resources low.

SCADA system used in OC Suite allows simple implementation of logic which binds existing inputs with telecontrol outputs (e.g. activating the energy storage when conditions are met). In the case of already existing SCADA system, OC Suite SCADA will be used as an integration layer (using OPC server, ICCP server or any other available integration protocol) fetching information to D-Board, GIS and O&MMS.

Plan, Track and Work SmarterQGIS

Maintenance of the Power plants, Gas, Water distribution utilities and similar industries’ processes, facilities territorially dispersed, is highly depending on the accurate and systemized information from different places. Common Geographic Information System projects with existing commercial solutions are expensive to implement and even more expensive to customize per user’s requirements.

OC Suite is including open source solution which is already proven on the projects (including EU projects) and moreover is fully integrated into the suite. Being integrated with SCADA, visualization and O&MMS it allows effective tool for optimal utilization of territory spread resources sources and consumers.

Plan, Track and Work SmarterHistorian

Measurements, events, alarms, operation and maintenance entries are being kept in a centralized historical database for further analyses.

Those analyses shall determine amount of energy consumed by individual machine or facility section, or household unit, frequency of processes’ faults on a single piece of equipment, productivity of the equipment and employees, level of maintenance procedure execution, etc. All those analyses will provide a data base for processes’ operation and maintenance.

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