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How to integrate Copy Cloud Service with Microsoft Office

Office 2013 has capabilities of integration with cloud service. Default installation provides integration with SkyDrive and Share Point, however, it is documented how to add additional cloud services on the following link.

Adding another cloud service is done via registry; below is the link with registry export that adds Copy to the Office 2013. This configuration is tested on Windows 8, however, it is provided as-is, use it at your own risk.


  1. Download registry configuration here

  2. Replace Username with your username

  3. Import configuration into registry

  4. start Office, select file/open, then Add a place, Copy should be listed

Icons used for representing Copy within Office are made from a single 48×48 icon provided to me by Copy support. Configuration has links to the icons on ITEN site; you can also download them directly from here. It should be possible that icons are saved on a local drive and referenced from a file URI in the registry configuration, but for some reason this does not work. If you manage it to work from a file URI, please let me know.

And finally, if you are still not using Copy, you can use this referral link to join – we will both receive 5 GB free additional storage.

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